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Mar, 2016

Deposito is a new digital product, sold by the Italian Web Hosting Agency SIR.
It’s a cloud transfer, project for the middle-big company for the transfer of big files and the management of the world of data in the servers. The service exsists in two different products: Hosting for the freelancer and Onsite for the companies.

The creators need a new logo with the relating identity to promote and to sell the product with a new landing page.
The difficult met on the design way, was especially to make easy the knowledge about the new and exclusive service provided by SIR. It is not a normal cloud service and it is not a traditional mailbox.

I fused the icon of the box with the icon of the letter with a fake 3D effect that it’s flat actually.
After different test to make the brand three-dimensional with the including of other colors, I chose to introduce the new logo with the features that are possible to see on the definitive logo.
The color is the right compromise between the high-tech aspect and the solid side of the managemet of the sensitive data for the company.
The font also was completely designed ad hoc for the new brand, based on the Helvetica Family Font, I re-drawn the letters following the hexagonal shape of the logo.

Together with the logo was designed also the landing page, with WordPress interface.  The aim of the page it is to promote the product starting by the division Onsite and Hosting. Both the section are with a One Page layout where the customer can find all the information about the product with an auto price calculator based on the number of the company users.
Try if you want a test!

After the project of the website I renewed also the image of the operational interface when you buy the service. In according with the brand and the colours of the new identity and of the website I worked in concert with the developers of the product, through codes on php language.

Now is a really appreciated product on the Northern Italy technology landscape.

Visit the website with the botton on the bottom of the page, or click here!

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