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Jan, 2017

Assia Riva is one of the most appreciated hand physio in Italy, with the specialization to the professional sport rehab.
Indeed is very high the number of athlets who taken advantage from the Assia therapy, especially professional athlets in the field of football, water polo, supermotard, volleyball and free climbing.

For that reasons the name of the Doctor, often is associated with the hand therapy of the professional players, and she would like to make easier the connection between her name and the hand specialization, as a brand.
The aim of the project is to design a logo that concerns the hands but that not rules out the other therapys that she practices.

The new brand has as subject an abstract draw of an hand, composed by a kind of  five propellers that seems 5 fingers. The will of the composition is to make clear and recognisable the shape of the hand but with a new dynamic spirit, with the idea of an health hand, with the relaxed muscles that become strong after an injuries. The choice of the color also, with two different shades of blue, gets the idea of the transformation of the muscle from a situation of pain to an other of healt.

A special Thank You to:

Dott.ssa Assia Riva