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HMO – Your Real Estate Partner

Sep, 2016

HMO is a Real Estate agency borned in the summer of 2016, able to manage a 360-degree real estate operation by offering to the client a sole highly competent service provider.
HMO stems by the long experience of Costruzioni S.p.a., which started in 1925, and Canessa Cantieri’s expertise, which was established in 1954 and specialized in promotion and construction areas, and is a company able to bring together a wide-ranging expertise and to propose a new business model for important operator’s new necessities.

In the spring of 2016, the managers of the Real Estate, commissioned to me the whole project about the graphic identity and, in concert with Snowcopy, the design of the new website.

The will of the managers of the agency was a minimal corporate logo that it could send the message of powerful, solidity, formal and protection in some big investment in construction context.
HMO is the acronym of “Hic Manebimus Optime” and was important to find the perfect font to use to find the balance between letters and lines. I began from Helvetica Light Fonts and I try to answer to the needs of the customers, making the font fresh and more up-to-date, with thin lines and blank space wider.

By this conclusions, in collaboration with Snowcopy, we designed also the website. A complete portal that explains to the customer the services provided by the agency with a wide Track Record with the last big work made by HMO. In the website we can fin the modern graphic identity with the solid new brand with a particular focus on the staff that works for the interest of the costumer. Through the website it’s possible to  browse the services with all the features of the four phases, to browse the complete team, from CEO to the managers, and to browse the last works and to know the last clients.

Obviously, in sinergy with the brand and the website, the graphic identity also is totally new with related business card, letters, plaques and letterhead.

Visit the website with the botton in the bottom of the page, or click here!

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