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Mochi Design

May, 2015

A new exciting project borned in Genova (Italy), and the creators are 4 young and brave girls that work together as web agency.

The name is Mochi, a cute name that embodies the spirit of the work of the girls. Obviusly the inspiration is by the japanese flavour sweet and they liked to use it as their identity.

The ladies ask to me to design their logo, but they don’t count my inexperience and my masculine approach to the graphic work. Exactly for this reason I want to say thank you to the girls for this experience as one of my first real works. With some review they trasmit me the caratheristcs that they want in their identity and, at the end, we found together the final solution to make them happy.

After the creation of the definitive logo, Mochi and I cooperated in a lot of different work, for the studio’s identity and their customers.

Now “Mochi – Web & Design” is one of the most appreciated web agency in Genova in the Web Design field.

A special Thank You to:

Marzia Simonetti, Deborah Campioni, Nicoletta Biticchi and Susanna Zunino.