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Sfoglio – Wayfinding in Villa Adriana

Mar, 2015

The case study concerns the restatement of the old wayfinding system in Villa Adriana, Roma, Italy. In fact the archeological site shall submit obvious problems in the interpretation of the visit. Villa Adriana represents an icon of the remains of the ancient population in the ancient Rome, but now is in critical conditions like the most of italian culture sites.

The aim is to renew the wayfinding system with new devices and a new graphic identity, that are able to involve the visitors in a new immersive path.

The study reports the production of the new wayfinding device, through the use of metal panel with banch included, that can become information and deepening spot for the most active visitors, and a spot to rest for the casual visitors or for the children. In fact the new kinds of path include three differents way to visit the Villa. The first is a complete path for a long end exhaustive visit. The second is a middle-lenght path for a turistic visitor. And the third is the interactive path suggested for the children: a short visit but that shows most important spot of the site and with an interactive activity.

The Villa’s area is so large and with an incredible number of historical records, for this reason it’s essential that the ways are identified and the visitors have the suggestion and the indication to follow the best path and to be sure to visit all the site. In every vertical device the visitor can find the information about the record, the deepenings and the suggestion about the next and the previous spot to visit.

In the full project, there is also the investigation about the production and about all the materials used for the realisation. The vertical and the horizontal signal are made in Inox Steel 470 LI with a polimeric print skin that protect the steel and is printable to report the graphic and the information customized for every panel. Also the assembly of the different device is widely analysed with particoular attention about of the fix system and about the support materials.

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University Project

Realisation of the project in concert with Matteo Antoniella