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Shoes & Bag SPA

Apr, 2017

Shoes & Bag SPA is an innovative idea for the new project by an historic company in Genova operating in the fashion sector since 1980.
The idea borns by an intuition of the owners about the restoration of finest fashion accessories, after the large number of requests, especially about the most popular fashion brand.
The will was to create a new service for privates and companies, that takes care of the finest accessories like a really health club.

For this new service was necessary a new idea of brand that makes possible to connect the spirit of the totally care with the focus on the fashion trend.
For this reason I chose to take as main frame the leather icon, synonym of  high quality and finest fashion. From this shape was necessary to find the graphic elements that let possible the combination with SPA signs. I chose to re-draw the shape of the leather with a flower pattern, like a Lily, italian icon of elegance and grace.

After the presentation of the logo, I studied the related identity with business cards, glass sticker and different kind of flyer.
From the first months of activity, Shoes & Bag Spa, registred a lot of requests and I was lucky enough to working again with them, projecting brochures, poster and promotional materials.

A special Thank You to:

Il Calzolaio Rapido – Genova