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Skate Plaza – Roma

Jan, 2015

In connection with the project X-Board, the will was to find an abondend area in Roma and to reassess it, with the aim to build a new sport ground for skatebording and for public aggregation.

I have identified an area in San Paolo district, in the immediately suburb of the Capital, a perfect disused area that was a dog track. The deep analysis of the district around the ex dog truck showed that the social environment was the perfect field to grow a new sport ground.

After the urban investigation, it was necessary a deep knowledge about the structure to insert in the park with the focus on the skater needs. The big job is to fuse the classic structure of the ramps with the environmental graphic designed for this park. In fact for the ground was designed a specific texture through the creation of modules with parametric workframe apply to tassellation. In this way it is possible to breake the gray shades provided by the suburban popular buildings, by the Tevere River close to the field and by the concrete and asphalt that sourrounding it. The purpose is to generate a kind of diaphragm in a tree less city area.

In this way was possible to create new shapes of ramps apply to the environmental design without abnormal elements that interrupt the armony of the ground graphic. The same it was happen for the public pavilion that it is in the area, for the changing room, the locks, the self rapir zone and for the toilette. The structure is parametric like the texture of the ground but in a 3D version, realized with Inox Steel. Just like also for the urban renewal and for the lamps around the paths.

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University project

Realisation of the project in concert with Jacopo Undari, Elisa Viglianese and Valerio Di Mario