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Il Masetto

Mar, 2014

The “Masetto” brand identity project, represents definitely the most important work of my (short) career. Not just for big work but also for the feelings about this incredible company.

“Il Masetto” is a straordinary intuition by a popular entrepreneur in food sector, that makes so noble the fast food, without removes the real spirit of them. Masetto is a Burger House downtown in Genova and they prepare delicious fine food with just the best ingredients to find the perfect recipes to combine with the beef, in italian style.

I followed the Masetto project since the beginning, in 2014, to now. I designed the logo, the menu, the promotion material, the business cards, interior design, the website, the social network pages and the merchandising.
The logo is the typical vintage crest, with a ribbon flag to lock the balance of the basic shape, with a clear inspiration to the ranch and to american country but with a shade of italian finesse.

Inside, in the venue, the colors used are two shades of brown, one inspired by the havana color and the other one to the pure coffee. Together have a clean contrast but with the perfect harmony to get the idea of handmade and artisanal.
The forniture also, represent the pure fast food spirit with high brown metal stools, watching through hot shades of wood, divided in big axis in contrast with the crude steel.

One of the handsome piece, is the sign outside the venue. A plate of shiny marine wood with the inox steel logo, realized by the numeric control machine. It’s the perfect reception for the many visitors.
The same is for the big logo on the wall, that became a really selfy spot for the custumers with the burger in the hands.

In concert with Mochi Design & Snowcopy, I designed also the website with the same condition of the primary project.
I’s a wide portal when is possible to find the complete and updated menu, to know the members of the staff and to know the origin of all the products and the raw materials used, with the name of the suppliers.

The last spring I worked for the Masetto’s son also: La Bottega del Masetto.
It’s another shop, close to the main venue, that sell cheese and salami, from artisanal farms in Italy.

“Il Masetto” in just three years, become one of the most appreciated italian spot where to taste the real italian food culture but with the fusion concept of original street food.
So much the awards won by Masetto, is mentioned in all best European and not European touristic guides.
In 2016 was appointed as 4th best burger in Italy.

Visit the website with the botton on the bottom of the page, or click here!

A special Thank You to:

Il Masetto
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