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La Bottega del Masetto

May, 2017

La Bottega del Masetto is the first sub-project of the “Il Masetto“.
It’s a tiny food shop in Genova, Italy, where are sold excellent product by the italian tradition, as Cheese, Salami, Ham and many other great delicacies.

For this project, as well as for the older brother, I designed the logo, the business cards, the packaging, the interior, the webiste and the whole communication.
The space in the shop is really small and the disposition of the furniture was so hard. I choice for a crude white wall with an industrial imprinting, in contrast with the wood counter, with crude spruce axis treated with a marine flatting to glaze the surface.
In the front face of the counter I choice the use of some wood tills, with the alternance of a bright shiny red and of the industrial white, realised ad hoc by the carpenter.

The crux of the work about the interior design was the presence of a trapdoor in the middle of the floor, that interrupted the line of the counter.
The solution was an iron insert that runs above the counter with the help of two inox rails, by allowing the opening of the trapdoor and the passage of the staff behind the counter.

For the project that concerns the logo, instead, was a kind of restyling of the Masetto logo. The rhombus became in few time a real sign for the Burger House and I wanted to mantein it as icon, without a real quote of the older brother, but through the geometry of the shapes.
After some attempts to restyle the original logo of Masetto I had the intuition to sum up all the information in a letter: B, like Bottega.
In fact the word “Bottega” sums up perfectly the spirit of the new venue: the old trusted food store.

As well as the Masetto, the sign is a crucial point of the shop. The same plate of marine shiny wood, with a glitter red iron plate as backround of the cutted iron with the numeric control machine. Really awesome.

A special Thank You to:

Il Masetto
GIESSEO s.r.l.
Francesca Corrado – Decoratrice
U Banca – Falegnameria